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Courses and Self-Development

Can you be an Edgar Cayce, Ross Peterson, or Douglas Cottrell? I tell my students that only I can be me, and only you can be you. But if you feel the urge to develop your intuition and the many abilities associated with it—from clairvoyance and clairsentience to spiritual healing, prediction, or prophecy—I encourage you to do so, to the best that you possibly can. Take your steps. Find a mentor who can guide you. Small successes along the way will inspire you to keep going. Learn to relax and temper the rational mind that likes to think it is in control. Your intuition can put you in touch with knowledge beyond your conscious understanding…but not by thinking!

- Douglas James Cottrell, Ph.D.

We are now taking applications for our next Quantum Meditation™ 9-day Intensive Course (early 2019). If you are interested in applying, please click here.

This is an exciting time in our evolution. Science is now able to confirm the ancient wisdom that has been passed down through the centuries. We are all connected through a web of energy that some are calling the Akashic Field or Quantum Field. Those who are sensitive are acutely aware of this connection. Often they are susceptible to the mental and emotional states of others, without even knowing it. The natural intuitive ability within you is waiting to be trained and enhanced. 

Douglas is the pioneer of a technique called Quantum Meditation™ which provides the practitioner unparalleled clarity of vision and perception, unclouded by subjective perception or ego. He offers a nine-day "in-residence" course in the Theory and Practice of Quantum Meditation™. During this intensive program, students receive the tools they need to approach the Akashic Field to gather information from beyond the limits of physical perception. 

For those who cannot attend in person, or who wish to further their study, he also offers at-home modules in the Foundations of Quantum Meditation™, which may be done by anyone, regardless of ability or prior experience with meditation. They may be done in any order. These are available as audio recordings that you can playback on your favourite device.

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